From blueprint to your dream home

So, you’ve found the perfect home design, but what are the next steps in the process? What’s needed to make your dream home a reality? To help make the process a little easier for you, follow the steps below.

1. Find a Lot

It is important to make sure a pre-designed home plan is compatible with your building lot. Too many people make the mistake of buying a plan first. It is easier to find a pre-designed home plan that fits a specific building lot, then it is to find a lot to fit the plan.

2. Survey Your New Land

We highly recommend having your land surveyed prior to purchasing a pre-designed home plan. A site plan is used to identify the shape, property lines, setbacks, building envelope, topography, and any other limitations the building lot may have. Once this information is determined, your home plan search can be filtered to meet this criteria.

3. Find Your Home Plan

Browse our library of award-winning home plans here!

4. Modify your Home Plan

Identify the modifications you would like to make to your home plan from our list of standard modifications.

If you are looking to make modifications beyond this list, we can connect you to a design expert at HPA Design. Contact us here to get started.

In addition to the modifications you wish to make, the location of the building site may require local area modifications. These modifications may include compliance with state building codes, town/city zoning bylaws, subdivision covenants, and historical jurisdictions. To address these modifications, contact us here to get started.

5. Purchase your home plan

View our plans here!

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