Why Choose Us

We consider the plan you choose for your home to be the most important step in building your dream home. So, we make choosing a plan from New England Home Plan’s like picking a song from the “greatest hits” of your favorite musician. It’s simple and easy. Our “hits” are a collection of award-winning plans designed by our sister company, HPA Design. A company that has been creating custom homes in the New England region for over thirty years.

How do you find a plan that’s right for you?

There are many factors to consider. Here are just a few.

  • Style
  • Square Footage
  • Number of Rooms/ Bathrooms
  • Exterior Design Features

Our collection includes homes that vary with all these elements. Before you browse our home designs, be sure to Create an Account to save your favorite plans to a “wish list.”

Do you need to modify a plan?

Thanks to our close partnership with HPA Design (and when we say close, we mean incredibly close. Like in the same office close. Down the hall close) the process of making small changes is simple and quick.

Unlike other plan brokers, Northeast Home Plans just walks modification requests down the hall, to the architects that originally designed them! This allows us to make modifications quickly and cohesively.

We are invested in helping you find the house of your dreams and maintaining the integrity of the plan as it was originally designed.

Am I ready to purchase my home plan?

Only you can answer this question. Ask yourself:

  • Have you purchased a plot of land?
  • Can you provide the site address?
  • Have you had the land you bought surveyed (this tells you how much room you have to build and any limitations the land may have)?

Sure, you can purchase a plan without or before you’ve purchased the land. But we highly recommend that you purchase the plot of land first, before buying a pre-designed home plan. Our designs are non-refundable, so you want to make sure it fits perfectly for your plot!

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